Microwave and Signal Integrity – Products and Services

Engineering customized to your needs

FieldSolver 3D

Powerful fully integrated simulator for designing antennas, verifying shielding or optimizing wired UHF communication.

Antenna Design

Let us design your next antenna exactly to your needs. Including simulation, antenna samples and verification.

Signal Integrity

We can support your high speed design before the layout or tackle issues after the layout has been done.

Felicitas PCBSim

Our Spice based simulator covering Analog, Digital and Signal Integrity simulations. Directly works on CadSoft EAGLE schematics.

Latest News

What’s New in Version 3.1

Preface FSpice, the simulator core, has been considerably enhanced. Many simulations now run much faster. This is especially true for large or difficult circuits with fast transients. FSpice’s capability to simulate very challenging circuits with … Read More

“Felicitas PCBSim Goes 3D”

Felicitas PCBSim 3.0 now comes with a 3D engine which allows to view layouts conveniently in 3D. This greatly helps the layout engineer to improve the routing of critical signals, to solve tricky routings and … Read More