About Felicitas Customized Engineering GmbH

We are a highly specialized and flexible company based in Germany near Munich. Our team is dedicated to advanced engineering in the fields of high speed electronic signals, wireless and wired communication.

Felicitas Customized Engineering is offering services in the fields of

  • Simulations and design services based on the behavior of electromagnetic waves
    • Antenna design
    • EMI topics
  • Simulation and design services based on high speed wired signal propagation
    • High-speed digital designs
    • RF transmitter / receiver

We can support in the very early stages of a project pointing out possibilities from a technical prospective as well as from a project management point of view.

The design services we offer are based on high-sophisticated tools developed in house:

  • FieldSolver 3D: A full 3D electromagnetic field solver
  • PCBSim: A time-domain based circuit simulator which focuses on the integrity of very high speed digital signals

Our staff has decades of experience in electronic hardware and software development, project management and the optimization of industrial manufacturing processes for both large and small scale projects.