What’s New in Version 2.1

Version 2.1 is a minor release. It focuses on two main improvements:
On one hand on network and floating licences. These are especially useful for larger companies or universities. On the other hand on the capability to easily do a Fourier analysis on all visible tracks. This allows for example to do a measurement of conductive emissions or to check for cross modulations in HF circuits.

Added or Updated Functionality

  • Added user friendly Fourier Analysis.
  • Added Licence Manager and the capability for floating licences and network licences.
  • Added Update Manager which allows to role out new version automatically.
  • Curves can now be easily selected in diagrams.
  • The background colour of diagrams can now be changed to white.
  • The number format for Bode diagrams can be changed from dB to plain numbers.
  • The IBIS and S-parameter help documentation has been updated.
  • A search field is now available on the right hand side of all help screens. This is searching the whole content of the online help (currently around 250 pages).

Changes to the Simulation Library

  • Added transformer with 3 windings.
  • Added Line Impedance Stabilization Network to measure conductive emissions.
  • Added s-parameter measurements.


  • Changed from EAGLE version 7.3.0 to 7.4.0


  • Setting init conditions now works correctly even if the simulated without determine the dc operation point.
  • Eliminated a syntax error of the Universal Spice Parser for certain B-sources.
  • IBIS file model dialog: The fields io-type, model selector and model are now correctly updated when choosing a model for the first time.
  • IBIS Viewer: The pullup and pulldown curves have sometimes been displayed incorrectly (did not affect simulation). This have been corrected.
  • Virtual oscilloscop: Fixed issues with color of traces made visible with the space bar. Sometimes new traces have not been visible. This is fixed now.